“The Fukuchiyama Line originated in 1900 as a private Hankaku railroad between Osaka and Fukuchiyama. At that time, the Hankaku railroad was intended to pass through Sasayama city, but that plan was never realized, instead the railroad passed through Sasayama-guchi station. As a result, the Sasayama railroad was created in 1915 in order to connect Sasayama-guchi station to Sasayama city. This railroad was serviced by the smallest steamtrain in Japan, called a “matchbox”. In 1944, the Sasayama Line was expanded from Sasayama-guchi towards Fukusumi as a detour for the main line between Kyoto and Himeji. It was used for the transportation of manganese and silica. The Sasayama Line was abolished in 1972.”