“Aoyama Shrine was built in 1882 in the area that Honmaru once stood. One of the first Feudal Lords, Tadatoshi Aoyama and the twelfth feudal lord Tadayasu Aoyama are worshiped here as enshrined deities. Tadayasu acted as member of the Shogun’s Council of Elder, where the Aoyama Family had held an important post in the Shogunate Daimyo for more than 30 years. During this time the Sasayama feudal clan increased to 60,000 koku from 50,000 koku. Aoyama Shrine holds a festival the first Saturday (yoi miya) and Sunday (hon miya)of every April. On the Sunday (hon miya) primary school students wearing halberd and warrior’s helmet march to the shrine with the sounds of conch and drums.”