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「日本遺産(Japan Heritage)」とは、地域の歴史的魅力や特色を通じて、我が国の文化・伝統を語るストーリーを認定するものです。ストーリーを語る上で不可欠な魅力ある文化財群を総合的に整備・活用し、国内外に発信することで、地域の活性化を図ります。




Japan Heritage is a recognition that the Japanese government gives to narratives that conveys the unique regional culture and traditions.
One of the actions that the government makes to promote regional activation is that they fully activate, maintain and advertise the necessary elements of the narratives within Japan and abroad.
”Dekanshobushi” is the theme of the narratives that Sasayama government used to apply for Japan Heritage.
It is a song about well-known places in each era, and their specialties and has been passed on for generations.
After being judged by the Japan Heritage Review Board, Dekanshobushi was recognized as the first Japan Heritage of Sasayama.
This is said to be the 18th Japan Heritage within the country. From that time on, 19 more heritages were added to the list, and the goal of the government is trying to recognize 100 cultural properties in preparation for 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

【丹波篠山 デカンショ節ー民謡に乗せて歌い継ぐふるさとの記憶】




[Tanba Sasayama- the hometown memories being passed with Dekanshobushi.]

Dekanshobushi was originated from the castle-down town around Tanba Sasayama area in Edo period. It is a song that is still being sung about the area, the people, famous places and specialties.

The love for the region was raised by people singing Dekanshobushi and preserving their ”furusato” (Hometown) unanimously.
The process of preserviing furusato is still being passed on by adding new lyrics to Dekanshobushi with the song being sung again and again.
Now, there are over 300 verses of Dekanshobushi conveying the history and culture and Sasayama.

You will still be able to feel the sights being created by Dekanshobushi when you visit Sasayama.